Classic CAPTAIN AMERICA Character, Costume Are Back

Captain America #695
Credit: Chris Samnee/Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Chris Samnee/Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)

In case you missed it, Marvel's classic good guy Captain America is coming back after Secret Empire, with Steve Rogers behind the shield in his classic costume.

Two-time Captain America writer Mark Waid and writer/artist Chris Samnee (along with colorist Matt Wilson and letterer Joe Caramagna) takes as creative team with Captain America #695. Here's first look at the cover from Samnee.

Credit: Chris Samnee

"This is Steve listening to people to find out how they feel about him and what they want from him from now on," said Waid.

"This series is going to feel like coming back home for a lot of readers," added editor Alanna Smith.

Samnee also put a modern spin on Cap's retro head-wings in a new Twitter profile picture he just uploaded. Recognize the logo?

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