YOUNG ANIMAL - DCU Crossover in January For a ‘New Status Quo’

DC Comics May 2017 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's Young Animal characters are going to be crossing over into the mainstream DCU in a four-part crossover leading to "a new status quo". The crossover is scheduled to begin in January.

Young Animal curator Gerard Way hosted a writer's retreat at his own home to plan the crossover, which will consist of four one-shots.

As part of this, both Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye and Shade The Changing Girl are going on hiatus in September for an undisclosed time.

It was also said that Young Animal is now operating under the auspices of the Vertigo imprint now.

Expect more on this DC/Young Animal crossover at the "Young Animal" panel scheduled for Friday evening.

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