Is This a Brand New Post-METAL DC Super-Team?

Comic-Con DC booth art
Credit: Newsarama

There's a new DC team being teased at Comic-Con International: San Diego, showing up on a wall-sized image at DC's booth. Feeling very Fantastic Four-like, the team is made up of Metamorpho, Mister Terrific, Plastic Man, and a female character who looks like Doctor Light.

Although there's no confirmation that the four characters make up a team, three of the four are wearing similar black and white costumes (that are different from their usual threads). Metamorpho also has a "T" on his belt that seems to echo the usual "T" markings used by Mister Terrific.

Credit: Newsarama

Metamorpho was already revealed in Dark Days: The Forge as a member of The Outsiders - who functioned as Batman's black ops team- although the make-up of that group was the team's original line-up. No word from DC yet if this new four-person team is a new Outsiders or something new. (Perhaps something that starts with the aforementioned "T"?)

The seeming team features prominently on an image that showcases DC's new Dark Matter characters, who are only known to DC readers because of previous teaser images. The Dark Matter titles this fall will spin out of the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal event.

Included on the wall's image are the New Challengers (of the Unknown), Sideways, the new Damage, the gun-toting Silencer, and the Immortal Men.

Credit: Newsarama
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