Mark Ruffalo Take 2: This Time He Claims to Reveal Major AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Spoiler

Avengers: Infinity War concept art
Credit: Marvel Studios

Mark Ruffalo either has no internal censor or he had the most fun with reporters at last weekend’s D23 Expo.

The same afternoon he (maybe) called out Universal Pictures for not being agreeable to a new Hulk solo film, he also told a reporter for Good Morning America that all the Marvel superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War die.

Again with Don Cheadle (War Machine) serving as his co-conspirator, the Hulk actor is discussing his next appearance in Thor: Ragnarok when the GMA reporter comments that things don’t always end well for Marvel heroes. Ruffalo then responds “Wait 'til you see this next one…" He seems to start to say “half” but changes course and continues, “everyone dies.”

Check it out for yourself.

Cheadle immediately responds “Dude..! Dude,” and Ruffalo walks it back looking at Cheadle, saying “No, not everybody.”

Whether his theatrical stressing over that he just revealed major plot is real or not remains to be seen, but just remember Ruffalo seems to be one of the most mischievous interviews in the Marvel ensemble and he is a three-time Academy Award-nominated actor.

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