AVENGERS' RUSSO Bros. On WONDER WOMAN, Directing a STAR WARS Film and Making 'Two of the Biggest Films Ever'

The Russo Brothers
Anthony (l.) and Joe (r.) Russo
Credit: Lucasfilm

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be at Comic-Con International: San Diego promoting their upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film, but right now they're being asked about outside ambitions and their takes on other superhero films. In an interview with Variety, the Russo brothers are asked some

On directing a Star Wars film:

"I sat in a theater when I was 11 years old and watched The Empire Strikes Back from 10 in the morning until 10 at night the day it came out," said Joe Russo. "To say we’re obsessed with Star Wars is an understatement. We’d absolutely love to do a Star Wars film."

Credit: Warner Bros.

On Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman:

"We both enjoyed it tremendously," said Joe Russo. "[Anthony]'s son, Julian, exclaimed at the end of the movie that Marvel better watch out."

On their dream superpower:

"We’re in the midst of making two of the biggest films ever back-to-back. If we had the power to both go without sleep for the next year and a half, that would be amazing," said Anthony.

Although it might be a stretch, the Marvel-owned Malibu hero Night Man had the ability to forgo sleeping.

Look for more on the Russos, their upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War, as well as Star Wars and DC films here at Newsarama.

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