Marvel Entertainment CEO IKE PERLMUTTER Gets New Title

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter has a new title at Marvel Entertainment, LLC. Formerly the company's Chief Executive Officer, he's now the Chairman of the Walt Disney-owned subsidiary.

The title change occurred earlier this year, though there's no seeming change to Perlmutter's duties. According to a source familiar with the change, it comes as a delayed result of Disney's acquisition of Marvel in 2009. Because Disney's Bob Iger is the only executive within the company to carry the title CEO, the top executives of other Disney subsidiaries carry different titles like CCO (PIXAR's John Lassetter), and now Chairman (Perlmutter).

Perlmutter joined Marvel in April 1993 as part of the then-independently-owned company's Board of Directors. In 2001, Perlmutter became Vice Chairman of the Board and then in January 2005 became the company's CEO. Perlmutter kept the Marvel CEO title after the company's acquisition by the Walt Disney Company until this year.

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