Word Balloon: Gareb Shamus Talks Wizard Mag & Cons

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On this edition Of the Word Balloon Podcast, we talk with the promoter of this weekend's Chicago Comic Con, Gareb Shamus.

We start with a little information about the John Ostrander benefit auction that Wizard is supporting and hosting with the show.

We talk about the seeming reduced level of convention panels and programming compared to other years. Shamus explains from his point of view why there is less programming at this year's Chicago Comic Con than there has been in the last decade or so.

While past and current writers and artists of DC and Marvel will be guests of the con, one can't help notice the reduced presence of DC, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics (none have a booth at this year's show, neither Marvel E-i-C Joe Quesada nor DC VP-Exec Editor Dan DiDio are attending). There's also the convention's proximity two weeks after San Diego's Comicon International and 3 weeks before The Toronto Fan Expo at the end of August. Is the show being overlooked from a publisher news stand point for CCI and the Toronto shows?

Shamus addresses questions about scheduling a convention in Anaheim/Long Beach CA up against the new C2E2 Chicago Convention in April. Aren't both shows going after the same entertainment guests?

We try to find out details of Shamus new master plan of business. From the recent acquisitions of many regional conventions, to the personnel changes at Wizard Magazine.

We also talk about how Wizard Magazine fits into the new media playing field when it comes to breaking comic news stories. How does the monthly magazine re-position itself in the 24hr news cycle, when they must contend with competing web coverage from Social Networks like My Space, the publisher's own websites, to news sites like Newsarama?

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