How Much Does COMIC-CON Cost? And How Much Does It Make?

Comic-Con International: San Diego logo
Credit: Comic-Con International: San Diego

Although Comic-Con International: San Diego is no longer the largest comic book convention in North America, it remains the most popular to the general public -  but its operations have largely been behind closed doors due to being a non-profit. But Deadline has recently obtained the organization’s 2015 IRS filings, revealing some key details about its operations and bottom line.

In the period that ended August 31, 2015, Comic-Con International reported a combined revenue of $19.5 million for both that year’s SDCC and WonderCon (which the non-profit also owns); that is up 14% from its 2014 revenue of $17.1m. While the revenue went up 14%, the expenses only went up 10% - $15.3m in 2015 to 13.9m in 2014. So the net gain for Comic-Con International was $4.5m in 2015 and $3.4m in 2014, a 32% increase year-to-year.

This comes as Comic-Con renewed its agreement with the city of Diego to run its convention there through 2021.

Earlier this year the city reached a deal with Comic-Con for a permanent museum called the Comic-Con Center for Popular Culture.

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