NIGHTWING Will be 'Grueling' for the Actor Who Plays DICK GRAYSON

Credit: DC Comics

Nightwing director Chris McKay has shared his thoughts on the character of Dick Grayson on Twitter after confessing to planning a Nightwing-related tattoo.

"The story of Dick Grayson, becoming Robin, then becoming Nightwing played out for us, the audience, in the comics in real time," McKay explained. "It wasn't a flashback. We experienced it. So all of Robin/Nightwings successes and failures we were along for the ride. And people that underestimated Robin or dismissed him perhaps had their opinions changed as we watched him "grow up" right in front of us. His relationships, his conflicts with Batman et al felt real to me because he was the window character with which we experienced Gotham city."

It's unclear whether Grayson's journey from Robin to Nightwing will factor into the Nightwing film, however McKay does have an idea of the type of actor he's seeking to take on the role - and it's going to require intense physicality.

"He has [to love Nightwing as much as I do]. It has to be full commitment," said McKay. "Every day. It is going to be grueling from a martial arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective."
No release date for Nightwing has been announced.
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