DAN PANOSIAN Goes For Broke With Image Comics' SLOTS

"Slots #1" preview
Credit: Dan Panosian (Image Comics/Skybound)
Credit: Dan Panosian (Image Comics/Skybound)

Early Image Comics pioneer Dan Panosian is returning to the company for a new series of his own under the Skybound imprint titled Slots. Scheduled to launch October 4, Slots follows a former boxer named Stanley Dance who is out looking for redemption in Las Vegas.

Credit: Dan Panosian (Image Comics/Skybound)

“Producing this story is really a dream come true for me, and I have Image Comics and Skybound to thank for the experience,” said Panosian. “People throw the term ‘labor of love’ around pretty often, but every aspect of creating Slots has been a true joy for me. I’m very happy we can finally announce and share it with everyone.”

Panosian was one of the first artists recruited for the then-budding Image Comics in 1992, joining the company after inking over Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio on their X-Men work for Marvel.

After working on several titles including the first Prophet miniseries, Panosian segued out of comic books to work in the advertising and video game industries. In recent years he returned to comic books, becoming a prolific and sought-after cover artist.

Slots #1 is scheduled to debut October 4.

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