Original Ghost Rider #8
Credit: Mike Ploog (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mike Ploog

Veteran cartoonist Mike Ploog is retiring after 47 years in the comic book industry. Ploog's last project is a deluxe edition of his 2008 miniseries Thicker Than Blood with painter Simon Bisley, which is now accepting funds on Kickstarter.

Ploog is best known as the co-creator and original artist of Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider and Werewolf by Night. The U.S. Marine Corps veteran broke into comic books as an assistant to Will Eisner in the late 1960s, and did numerous works for Marvel including a revival of Frankenstein's Monster as well as a well-received run on Man-Thing.

In the 1980s he did work for Hollywood, ranging from he cereal boxes in Ghostbusters to design work on Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, The Thing, Wizards, Superman II, the Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth.

In 2004, Ploog returned to comic books with the well-received Crossgen title Abadazad. That title became the chief acquisition in Disney's purchase of the company later that year, being revamped as a series of three illustrated novels.

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