TURNER Needs Some HOCUS POCUS In M.A.S.K. #8 Preview

"MASK #8" preview

Trakker and his team go after a Cybertronian energy source deep below ground in a preview of next week's M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #8.

M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #8
Brandon Easton (w) • Igor Lima (a) • Tone Rodriguez (c)
Determined to end the threat of Ore-13 radiation poisoning, Matt Trakker and the M.A.S.K. team go on a mission into the depths of the Earth where they discover much more than they could have imagined—a race of powerful mutated creatures borne from the strange Cybertronian energy source. Are these monsters too powerful even for the technology of M.A.S.K.?!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet points:
- All-new storyline starts here!
- Variant cover by Marcelo Perez Dalannays!

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