UPDATED: Marvel Details IRON FIST #73 LEGACY Original Numbering

Iron Fist #73
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated July 14, 2017: Marvel has released a timeline showing how it arrived at the Legacy numbering for Iron Fist #73. This one-time Hero for Hire isn't utilizing the Power Man & Iron Fist numbering to bolster its Legacy numbering, while Luke Cage does use it.

Here's Marvel showing their math:
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story: The long overlooked rivalry between Sabretooth and Danny Rand is being revived in "Marvel Legacy" with the newly-renumbed Iron Fist #73. First detailed by SyfyWire, Sabretooth - who debuted back in 1977 in a Chris Claremont/John Byrne issue of Iron Fist - returns in the new series by Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins.

"We wanted to give readers something that tied back into Iron Fist’s past - something that I'm always keen on - while updating it with where both characters are at present day," said Brisson. "Anyone following the X-books will know that Sabretooth has gone from heel to babyface, but he’s not that good. He may be fighting on the side of the right, but he’s still got a vicious streak and we’re going to get a good look at that.

"We're going to be exploring what Sabretooth's life is like with him currently caught between his past and his present," the writer continued. "His own legacy as a 'baddie' and how he sees that through the filter of who he is now is going to play heavily into this series."

In this recently launched series, Iron Fist has been locked out of K'un Lun and Sabretooth emerges as a key to get back and save Rand's adopted homeland.

"Danny does need Sabretooth's help. But, even though Sabretooth may be a 'good guy,' he’s still got no love for Iron Fist," Brisson said.

Although "Marvel Legacy" won't officially start until September, Brisson said that his Iron Fist series has embraced the concept since its first issue.

"'Legacy' will continue what we've been building since the first issue. Danny's still fighting for legitimacy while looking to save K'un-Lun. The people of Liu-Shi are not through with him or K'un-Lun yet," said the writer. "We're building to a no-holds-barred, all-or-nothing battle that is shaping up to be one of the biggest in Iron Fist's life."

Here is a solicitation for the first "Marvel Legacy" era issue:

Credit: Marvel Comics

SABRETOOTH first slashed his way into the pages of Marvel comics back in IRON FIST #14 and never looked back. But now Danny Rand, the legendary Iron Fist, has a problem only Sabretooth can help him solve. Something is threatening the very existence of K’un-Lun, and the Iron Fist must do whatever he can to protect it, even if it means convincing his old enemy to fight by his side.  Will mutant claws and crane kicks be enough to save K’un-Lun?

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