Jessica Jones #13
Credit: David Mack (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Mack (Marvel Comics)

Jessica Jones' greatest enemy will return in Jessica Jones #13 as part of "Marvel Legacy." That's right - the Purple Man is coming back, and that means bad news for the super-powered private eye.

"In Jessica’s world, this is monumental," writer Brian Michael Bendis told SyFyWire. "The only thing worse than what the Purple Man did to her originally is the thought of what he could do to her now that she has a child. Writing this has been so scary. This is scary stuff. This is psychological horror unlike anything I think I’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. We’ll see what people think."

But Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos won't stop there. Aside from returning threats, some new characters will come to Jessica Jones with "Marvel Legacy" - some of whom may have ties to 2015's Secret Wars, and may even come from different worlds.

"There are so many new mysteries just since Secret Wars," Bendis explained. "There are secrets that no one even knows about. There are superpowered people in the Marvel Universe from other places that no one knows about yet. Most disturbing to Jessica is some of it seems covered up somewhat by the superhero community."

Bendis is dealing with one of those - the Ultimate U refugee Miles Morales - in the current Spider-Men II title.

Jessica Jones #13 is expected to be released in October, as #12 is solicited for September.

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