PRINCELESS Creator Joins VAMPIRELLA In Creative Team Overhaul

Vampirella #6
Credit: Andy Belanger (Dynamite Entertainment)
Credit: Philip Tan (Dynamite Entertainment)

Princeless writer Jeremy Whitley and Southern Cross artist Andy Belanger are taking over as the regular creative team of Dynamite Entertainment's Vampirella with October's #8. Whitley and Belanger are taking over from the original team of Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton

Credit: Andy Belanger (Dynamite Entertainment)

“The great thing about Vampirella is that she's incredibly versatile," said Whitley. "She's a sci-fi vampire with a history as an action and horror hero. As the current run has discussed, there are a ton of interpretations of Vampirella and none of them are more or less correct that others. I think our Vampirella is unique even among the other interpretations. She's a real action hero on a mission. Cornell's run set up a really interesting sci-fi future for us to play in and I'm thrilled that Andy and I will get a chance to play with some of these toys and we wanted to bring some of our own. We're just as much in the post-apocalyptic future, but I think while Cornell and Broxton's future is a little more Blade Runner, ours is more on the Mad Max side. I hope everybody is ready for a story full of action, love, blood, and unspeakable violence.”

Credit: Andy Belanger (Dynamite Entertainment)

Belanger will begin on the title early, replacing Broxton on August's Vampirella #6 with Cornell passing the torch to Whitley at the end of #7 (included in this article are Belanger's inked pages for #6).

"I’m super pumped to be taking on Vampirella with Jeremy Whitley. I’ve been a huge Vampirella fan for years and used to collect the Magazines back when I lived in Toronto at the Dragon Lady store," said Belanger. "Growing up I mostly was into comics about monsters, Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, The Monster of Frankenstein, and Creature Commandos. Those were my go to’s. My early career was very E.C. comics influenced and often had a Jack Davis feel so I’m super psyched to get into this material. I’ve been dying to take on Vampirella for years and I finally get to draw some serious vampire comics. What Jeremy and Dynamite have planned is going to blow your minds and we are going to see a seriously bad ass version of Vampirella no one will expect! So break out your copy of Lost Boys, throw on some Type O Negative because this Vampirella run is going to slay!"

Credit: Andy Belanger (Dynamite Entertainment)

No reason was given for the creative changes, however Cornell had a falling out with Broxton over the artist's unapologetic stance for his controversial Vampirella #3 cover, vowing never to work with him again. Broxon is solicited to do a cover for Vampirella #8.

The writer had positive things to say about Whitley taking over Vampirella.
“I'm delighted to have contributed to Vampirella's long and varied history," said Cornell. "I hope we've given the character and audience a new place to build from. It's a great pleasure to be succeeded by Jeremy, who's a very talented writer. It's also lovely to be in a situation of managed handover, planned in advance, so readers get a smooth ride. Good luck, Jeremy!”

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