Who Judges the JUDGES? 2000 AD October 2017 Solicitations

2000 AD October 2017 cover
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389 on sale 18 October 2017
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Those released from suspended animation must come to terms with life in the twenty-second century in Judge Dredd: ‘Defrosted’ by Rory McConville and Paul Davidson; supernatural investigator Devlin Waugh boards the Ship of Fools to save his brother Freddy in ‘Blood Debt’ by Rory McConville and Mike Dowling; time is running out for Psi-Judge Anderson to stop the agents of the Dragon in ‘NWO’ by Alan Grant and Paul Marshall; Judge Death’s undead army goes on the march in ‘Dominion’ by John Wagner and Nick Percival; and Lawless returns, courtesy of Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade, as Munce, Inc. step up their game to destroy Badrock. Plus the usual interviews and features – and in the bagged graphic novel this month, we celebrate Halloween with a collection of spooky Tharg’s Terror Tales, featuring work by Al Ewing, Alec Worley, John Smith, Edmund Bagwell, Jesus Redondo, Mark Harrison and more!
64pp (+ bagged 64pp graphic novel), monthly, £5.99
UPC: 9 770960 181187 88
ISSN: 0960 1813

2000 AD PROGS 2051-2054
2051 on sale 4 October 2017
2052 on sale 11 October 2017
2053 on sale 18 October 2017
2054 on sale 25 October 2017
Blazing SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The line-up that commenced in Prog 2050 continues through October – Adam Bulliet’s team are fighting a war on all fronts in Grey Area: ‘Homeland Security’ by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison; the Indigo Prime Imagineers enter a haunted house of heads in ‘A Dying Art’ by John Smith, Kek-W and Lee Carter; Celtic warrior Slaine battles against tremendous odds in ‘Archon’ by Pat Mills and Simon Davis; Inspector Harry Absalom is back to chase down the demons that break the Accord in ‘Terminal Diagnosis’ by Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion; and future lawman Judge Dredd finds himself the focus of a fifth-anniversary commemoration of Chaos Day in ‘Icon’!
32pp, weekly, £2.75
UPC: 9 770262 284210 51
UPC: 9 770262 284210 52
UPC: 9 770262 284210 53
UPC: 9 770262 284210 54
ISSN: 0262 284X

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