MARVEL LEGACY's SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE Isn't Designed to 'Feed a 90s Appetite' - But It Will

Spirits of Vengeance #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Spirits of Vengeance, writer Victor Gischler and artist David Baldeon will bring together classic supernatural heroes including Ghost Rider, Blade, Satana, and Daimon Hellstrom for Marvel Legacy.

But the series won't just be about reviving a title from the 1990s - according to Gischler, Legacy is about more than just nostalgia.

 “For me it’s pretty simple,” Gischler told Nerdist. “I think these are great characters that need to be showcased. If the book feeds an appetite for 90s nostalgia then great, but you’re not going to be left out if you missed the 90s. If these characters are brand new to you, you’re still in for a wild ride.”

And true to that vision, Gischler has created a brand new character to join the team. 

“There’s a particular character I’ve invented for this book and I’m dying to [see] what David has come up with for the character’s look," he explained. "And it’s the sort of character that needs to be in a book like this.” 

Spirits of Vengeance is expected to launch this fall as part of Marvel Legacy.

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