DC's RAGMAN Returns With His Own Title In October

"Ragman #1" first look
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

A new six-issue Ragman title is launching in October from DC Comics, reports CBR. The creative team consists of writer Ray Fawkes, artist Inaki Miranda, colorist Eva de la Cruz, and cover artist Guillem March.

"War vet Rory Regan is plagued by the death of his time after a failed mission to find a hidden treasure in the Israeli desert," reads the description of the series. "While battling survivor’s guilt back home in Gotham City, Regan discovers that he actually bought the treasure back home with him, in the form of the Suit of Souls. The Suit of Souls has the ability to trap and collect the souls of others, including those of his dead partners.

"With the aid of his dead teammates, Rory begins to learn more about the abilities of the suit, when something evil begins to brew in Gotham. An evil demon from hell wants the Suit of Souls, and is sending his minions to retrieve it for him. Now Rory must learn how to use the suit and its powers to stop these evil forces from invading Gotham City before it’s too late."

Ragman has appeared intermittently in various books since the launch of DC's "New 52," and was portrayed by Joe Dinicol in the most recent season of the CW's Arrow.

Ragman #1 is scheduled to debut October 11.

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