Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough
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Musician Lindsey Stirling is working on a new comic book title called Sparrow with writer/artist Darick Robertson, co-writer R. Eric Lieb, inker Brandon McKinney, and colorist Diego Rodriguez. The book is scheduled to debut in November from Aspen Comics and Golden Apple Books.

"Lindsey is involved in the creative," said Ryan Lebowitz, Golden Apple Books co-founder. "She's not writing the book but she's been working with Darick giving feedback and direction to help character design and story."

"Sparrow will roll out as a 6-issue arc comic book series and follows the story of a girl struggling to survive in a world where light and hope are quickly disappearing," reads the press release. "Those in charge have stolen the planet's energy for themselves, stripping the average person of wealth, dignity, and even their names. After finding a piece of an ancient object and stowing away on a pirate ship, Sparrow embarks on an incredible journey, discovering that by being strong and brave, one girl can not only find her place in the world, but she can change it."

Stirling and Robertson are scheduled to be at Aspen Comics' Comic-Con International: San Diego panel July 22 at 12pm local time in Room 4 to discuss the project, followed by a signing on July 23 at the Golden Apple Booth (1806).

Editor's Note: The original press release for this project stated that Stirling was creating and co-writing the project, with Robertson as a creative consultant. The publishers have since clarified that with new information.

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