JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER Howls With New Ongoing Title

Jughead: The Hunger #1
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

Archie Comics' horror line is expanding with a new ongoing title for Jughead: The Hunger. Originally released as a one-shot earlier this year, the title is returning in October as an ongoing - with writer Frank Tieri and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy.

"We purposely left the door open with the one shot, we told you if you made Jughead: The Hunger a hit we'd make more - and since you more than held up your end of the bargain - here we are," said Tieri. "Fans can expect more of everything they loved about the one shot now as we expand our universe - more werewolf Juggie, more bad ass Betty, more conflicted Archie and more twists and turns than you can shake a severed arm at.”

Credit: Archie Comics

Whereas Jughead is re-cast as a werewolf for Jughead: The Hunter, Betty is re-imagined as "Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter."

The Andrews do are best known for drawing The Death of Archie, and are joinedby colorist Matt Herms and letterer Jack Morelli on this new series.

"They're doing a great job, capturing the look and feel of the original as much as possible while still bringing their unique style to the table,” said Tieri.

Here is a solicitation for the first issue, which is due out October 25.

Credit: Archie Comics

BRAND NEW SERIES!  Jughead Jones is a werewolf, and Reggie Mantle has fallen victim to Jughead’s monstrous ways. Now Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter along with Archie Andrews are hot on the trail of Jughead. For TEEN+ readers.
Script: Frank Tieri
Art: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Variant Covers: Robert Hack, Michael Walsh
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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