"U.S. Avengers #11" cover
Credit: David Nakayama (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

With "Marvel Legacy," the U.S. Avengers title will be taking cues from some other legacies - Archie Comics and classic Justice League International. In an interview with Nerdist, series writer Al Ewing says that he and continuing artist Paco Medina will be inspired by some unique outside sources as the team tries to find the missing and presumed dead Cannonball - and give the character a chance to show his heart.

"As for Sam’s heart, I think in this upcoming story we’re going to get a good look at it," said Ewing. "He ends up in a situation that calls for a lot of compassion and character, so we’ll really get to see the best of him at work.”

A Riverdale-inspired take, from the looks of David Nakayama's cover below.

Credit: David Nakayama (Marvel Comics)

Nerdist's Eric Diaz mentioned Justice League International as a possible influence on Ewing in this book, which the writer unequvocably agreed.

“[That]’s actually a favorite comic of mine from my childhood! I’ve never thought of it as an influence before, but it almost certainly is," said Ewing. "It was very funny to me at the time, but I was conscious that when it got serious, it hit hard - there was a contrast between the laughs and the drama that really worked well, and that’s probably a lesson I took away with me. Even the most serious comic should have a couple of jokes to leaven it, and for contrast … light-hearted pieces should be able to get heavy on occasion. There’s certainly plenty of that coming up in the Legacy storyline.”

When asked for more details on U.S. Avengers' "Legacy" plans, Ewing shared several plotpoints.

“[Readers] can expect some HYDRA-smashing action, a major upending of the status quo for at least a couple of characters, a brand new Supreme Leader of A.I.M., a quest to the depths of space, a mysterious American suburb that’s a million light years from Earth, the terrible secret of Bugface Brown… and much, much more,” Ewing said. “It’s going to be a fun ride for all our readers.”

U.S. Avengers #11 is anticipated to hit shelves in October.

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