Social Media Thriller Emerges With Image's NO. 1 WITH A BULLET

"No. 1 With a Bullet #1" cover
Credit: Jorge Corona (Image Comics)
Credit: Image Comics

The creators behind Image Comics' Goners are returning for an all-new series titled No. 1 With A Bullet. Scheduled to launch November 1, Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona are reuniting for a gripping techno/horror series about a young celebrity's sex tape whose sex tape is leaked and stirs a homicidal super-fan.

“The more I looked around at our world - the post-facts, the online victimization, the shouting past each other into the digital void - the more I wondered if technology has helped us more than hurt us,” said Semahn. “Without a second thought we give up privacy every day in order to appease our social media overlords, but at what cost? With patents filed for recordable contact lenses in order to ‘make sure you don’t miss a single moment of your life,’ where do we the draw the line? No. 1 explores both innovation and invasion. A stalker story at heart, with a Black Mirror feel, No. 1 With A Bullet paints an all too real future right around the corner.”

Credit: Jorge Corona (Image Comics)

Corona, who earned a Russ Manning Award nomination for his work on Goners, describes No. 1 With a Bullet as their attempt to deal with modern issues of society.

“Social networks and the way the lines between private and public aspects of our lives have blurred with the advances of technology is something that fascinates me. It has connected the world in ways never before imagined, but it has also exposed a very dark side of us all that, in some cases, magnifies the proximity of how close we can feel to being vulnerable online. These are not new problems, these are issues society has been dealing with for years. Now, we’re just trying to understand how to deal with them in a completely different context. Exploring the human root in a world that has become so artificial was what drove me into making this project a priority.”

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