The 9 MARVEL Universe Titles Not Included In LEGACY - And Where They Stand

Runaways #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The upcoming "Marvel Legacy" initiative is comprised of 53 titles according to the publisher, and 52 of those were announced in June - with one mystery title undisclosed. Almost all of the titles are ones continuing on from before the onset of "Legacy," but in comparing recent solicitations with that "Legacy" list there are some in-continuity titles not included.

Nine, to be exact.

Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)

The ongoing titles Runaways, Rocket, I Am Groot, Nick Fury, Infamous Iron Man, Dr. Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme, Ultimates2 and the recently-announced miniseries Inhumans: Once & Future Kings weren't included in Marvel's "Legacy" announcements so far.

Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso has said previously that "Legacy" will go "across the entire line," with SVP/Executive Editor Tom Brevoort stating that "No character, no franchise will be untouched by the game-changing events that play out across" the kick-off one-shot Marvel Legacy #1.

But Newsarama has learned that's not exactly the case.

A source at Marvel indicates to Newsarama that since Runaways is newly launching in September it will continue seperate from "Marvel Legacy," as will the obvious outside MU-continuity titles like the Star Wars titles.

When asked about the remaining eight Marvel Universe titles, the Marvel source said that those titles' placement will be revealed in time.

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