America #8
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Though the series will maintain its current (and only) numbering, America will embrace Marvel Legacy in another way - by pitting her against Exterminatrix, a villain America Chavez has been fighting since her days in Young Avengers.

"While America doesn’t have the publishing history of a character like Captain America, she’s an important part of 'Legacy' for us because she represents core Marvel values," series editor Sarah Brunstad told IGN. "She’s had this tough life, losing her moms and striking out on her own, and could’ve easily chosen to use her powers for evil, or not at all. Instead she became this interdimensional fighter - someone who maintains her own integrity and reminds her friends why they keep doing this impossible thing. A natural leader. We saw that in Young Avengers with Loki and Kate Bishop especially, and of course in The Ultimates, and it’s a thread we’re maintaining in the America book."

Brunstad also explained how Exterminatrix will come to once again cross paths with Chavez.

"Exterminatrix is such a fun character, and so diametrically opposed to America in visuals and methods," she explained. "She’s got the iconic gun and extreme costume, versus America who always wears practical, kind of street-style clothing and doesn’t use or need weapons. And Exterminatrix, as the CEO of Midas Corporation, represents this whole style of villainy that presents a huge challenge to America: How does she fight something she can’t punch? There’s a power dynamic between them that [series writer Gabby Rivera] is going to play up in a big way."

But America will also be contending with changes in her powers - and questions of her background.

"We’ve seen America’s powers building in this whole first arc, and it’s all related to this question of heritage," said Brunstad. "Without her mothers to guide her, America’s been using her powers on instinct, and she’s finding out there’s a whole wealth of powers she didn’t even know she had. Like time travel, which we saw her use successfully for the first time in America #4. I don’t want to give away too much, but this Madrimar character we see influencing events through the first six issues is a big part of America’s power boost."

Here's the full solicitation for America #8, the series' first Legacy issue.

Written by Gabby Rivera
Penciled by Joe Quinones
Cover by Joe Quinones
Everyone’s favorite no-nonsense powerhouse, America Chavez, may have finally met her match. Introducing – the deadly and exotic Exterminatrix! Can America continue her hard-hitting journey to defend the multiverse against the oncoming warpath of Exterminatrix and the ominous Midas Corporation? It’s the start of a daring adventure as America gains all-new untested powers, and she’ll need them against the coming horde of villains!
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