"All-New Wolverine #25" cover
Credit: Terry & Rachel Dodson (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Terry & Rachel Dodson (Marvel Comics)

Tom Taylor is continuing on the Laura/X-23-led All-New Wolverine into this fall's "Marvel Legacy," and is being joined by Elektra artist Juan Cabal, according to ComicBook. It all begins with All-New Wolverine #25, in a new storyline titled "Orphans of X" concerning Laura and her half-brother Daken returning to the Weapon X-related site, the Facility, and crossing paths with a mysterious group known as the Orphans of X.

"We can't say much. Really. The Orphans of X are a mystery," said Taylor. "The only thing certain is they hate Laura and her family and they clearly have great means and reach. They could well be the most formidable adversaries Laura has ever come across. We balance everything with big action and big character moments. But there's a large mystery hanging over all of this and there are some big shocks coming. Wolverine is about to be tested in an all-new way."

Although the Wolverine family has a tendency to not get along, Daken and Laura have recently patched things up and become close - "quite close," Taylor said.

"Daken and Laura have had a fractious past," said the writer. "Though, that might be putting it mildly, given they've tried to kill each other. But as seen in our recent Immune storyline, Daken and Laura are now quite close. Laura is one of the few people that Daken has genuine affection for. They are brother and sister."

That bond leads Wolverine to track down Daken after he goes missing, leading her to the Facility - where she was literally created.

"The Facility is abandoned and serves as a reminder of everything Laura endured there," said Taylor. "It's a painful return, but a stunning one due to the art of Juann Cabal. Visually, Juann doesn't gravitate towards the straightforward and linear. He's always up for trying something new. And this has meant I've been looking to play to those strengths and think outside the box. It's great when you get a chance to jam with an artist like this."

Here is the full solicitation for this "Marvel Legacy" title, expected to be released sometime this fall.

Written by TOM TAYLOR
Penciled by JUANN CABAL
DAKEN, the enigmatic son of Logan, has been kidnapped and it’s up to the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE to find him. But when the trail leads Laura, a genetic clone of the original Wolverine, back to the FACILITY where she was created and tortured, she will find new horrors waiting for her. Who are the ORPHANS OF X and what do they have in store for the children of Logan?

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