The Truth About Automatons Revealed in THE NORMALS #3

The Normals #3

Jack and his family discover there are other automatons in this preview of The Normals #3 from AfterShock Comics.

THE NORMALS #3 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color
writer: Adam Glass
artist: Dennis Calero
color: Adriano Augusto
cover: Dennis Calero 
On Sale: July 26 2017
“And She Was” 
Doctor Gordon reveals the nature of Jack and his family's creation by Westin Incorporated! He also brings to light that there are more automatons just like Jack and his family, throughout the country and possibly, the world. All the while, Jack plots to rescue and escape with his family before Westin Incorporated can do any more harm — but is he already too late?
Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of Supernatural & writer of Suicide Squad) with art by Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir).

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