X-Men Blue/Gold Legacy
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold are about to come together in the first X-Men crossover of "ResurrXion" - and writers Cullen Bunn and Marc Guggenheim, along with artist Jorge Molina and others to be named later, are using one of the X-Men's weirdest foes to set it all up in a story called "Mojo Worldwide."

That's right - Mojo is back, and he's bringing some other classic X-Men mainstays with him.

"Mojo deals in meta-thinking the way an expert gambler deals in cards," Bunn explained to ComicBook. "And we lean into it in a big way. You're going to be revisiting some classic X-Men stories, but you'll be seeing them through Mojo's eyes. You'll see the Blue and Gold teams working together (and breaking up into interesting sub-groups) but Mojo is turning his eye for entertainment to the groupings as well. Every move Mojo makes has 'meta' written all over it, and he is inviting the citizens of the Marvel Universe to share his vision. As the story goes on, he escalates the stakes ever step of the way. More meta, more dangerous."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"From a meta perspective, we knew we wanted to do a Mojo story, but some of us worried that readers don't find Mojo to be much of a threat because his stories always take place in the alternate dimension of Mojoworld," Bunn continued. "Well, we decided to blow that misconception out of the water straight away by bringing Mojo to our world. We want Mojo to be sort of quirky and weird, but also scary and threatening. And we're bringing him right to your doorstep."

And of course, he's bringing Longshot with him. According to Bunn, Longshot is back to his old tricks, trying to overthrow Mojo's rulership.

"Longshot has been back in Mojoworld, and he's been causing trouble. He's still fomenting a rebellion, but it isn't taking the form you might expect," Bunn explained. "Once more, for the sake of keeping a few surprises for the book, I'll decline to say what he's doing exactly. But he's more of a thorn in Mojo's side than ever before. When he shows up, we'll quickly set up that he has a very different outlook on the trials and tribulations the X-Men are facing... but they need him if they are going to survive."

What's more, there are some secrets between Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey, the leaders of their respective X-Men teams - namely that Jean and the original X-Men are working with Magneto. According to Bunn, all of that will come to a head in "Mojo Worldwide" as well.

Jean is keeping a big secret from Kitty. That secret is that the original five X-Men are working with Magneto. In an adventure like this, that secret is bound to be exposed, and that could very well change how the X-Men interact with one another going forward."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Mojo Worldwide kicks off in X-Men: Blue #13 before moving into X-Men: Gold #13. Here are the solicitations for both issues:

Written by CULLEN BUNN
Penciled by JORGE MOLINA
MOJO WORLDWIDE Parts 1 and 3
Mojo, the demented creature obsessed with melding deadly television shows with reality, has made Earth his focus and it’s going to take the combined might of two X-MEN teams to fight back! But when threats from their past are thrown at them, how will these teams react? With SENTINELS and BROOD and BAD MEMORIES attacking at every opportunity, will KITTY and JEAN and their teams be able to save Manhattan? Or is this the trick that finally boosts MOJO’s ratings?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
Penciled by TBA
MOJO WORLDWIDE Parts 2 and 4
The X-MEN may have bitten off more than they can chew as the Mojoverse continues its bizarre invasion of MANHATTAN! JEAN GREY and her team fight side by side with KITTY PRYDE and her group of Merry Mutants…but can MOJO be defeated when he’s got the X-Men’s greatest hits weaponized against them? Or will an unlikely alley come to the rescue?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
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