LION FORGE COMICS September 2017 Solicitations

Lion Forge Comics September 2017 cover
Credit: Lion Forge Comics

AB IRATO #5 of 6
Author:  Thierry Labrosse
Artist:  Thierry Labrosse
Cover Artist:  Thierry Labrosse
The radical new leader of the Bastards of God threatens to execute a hostage every hour if his demands are not met, Nève tries to escape from her captors, and Riel searches desperately for a solution.
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format: staple bound comic, 10.625” x 6.875”, 32pp, FC


Author:  Raule
Artist:  Roger
Cover Artist:  Roger
Everybody’s got a job to do in El Reval, especially among the criminally corrupt underworld. As Jazz wraps up the Double Eagle heist, new pawns are placed on the board with secret agendas that could upend the whole chessboard… It seems everyone’s got a target on their back…
-          The second half of Chapter Two in The Barcelona Trilogy 6-issue story arc.
Genre:  Crime, Action
Format: 6.625x10.1875”, 32pgs +cover, full color


GHOST MONEY #2 of 10
Author(s):  Thierry Smolderen
Artist(s):  Dominique Bertail
Cover Artist(s):  Dominique Bertail
The mysterious Chamza welcomes young Lindsey into her home, exposing her to the luxury and dangers of her everyday life. The forces following her are resilient, and will stop at nothing to recover her terrorist-fed fortune, even if that puts innocent lives at risk…
Genre:  Political Thriller, Action
Format: 6.625x10.1875”, 32pgs +cover, full color


CLOUDIA & REX #3 of 3
Author(s):  Ulises Fariñas and Erick Freitas
Artist(s):  Daniel Irizarri
Cover Artist(s):  Daniel Irizarri
Cloudia & Rex's mother discovers a power of her own -- the power to travel through time. After almost being trapped in the beautiful moments she had with her husband before he passed, she realizes that she has to stay in the moment if she wants to save her little girls…
Genre:  Superhero, Fantasy
Format: 6.625x10. 1875”, 28pgs self-cover, full color


Author(s):  Joe Casey
Artist(s):  Damion Scott
Cover Artist(s):  Damion Scott (Main Cover)
L.A.’s newest super-fast superhero Accell returns home after a life-changing metaphysical experience, just in time to help a friend battle some personal demons.
Too bad Accell has no idea new enemies are gathering to make his life a living hell, especially the crimelord known as Glazz.
Genre: Superhero
Format: 6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Joe Casey & Ramon Govea
Artist(s):  Larry Stroman
Cover Artist(s):  Larry Stroman (Main Cover), Keron Grant (1 in 5 Variant)
Patrick Zircher (1 in 10 Variant)
The mysterious super-powered teenager named Seven is still on the run, while billionaire Bo Vincent Chen is racing against time to assemble a team of superheroes for secret missions.
Will the MMA fighter Alex Winters, also known as Deathmill, be the next recruit…or a threat to Bo’s ultimate goal?
Genre: Superhero
Format: 6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  David Walker & Sheena C. Howard
Artist(s):  Ray-Anthony Height
Cover Artist(s):  Ray-Anthony Height (Main Cover)
Cosmosis has barely managed to escape alive from the Foresight Corporation compound where super-powered teenagers are being held captive. His best friend, Kayla Tate, will reveal secrets of her own to keep him alive.
Can Kayla and Cosmosis stay one step ahead of Foresight, and how will the secret engineer named Abby help the two newest heroes of Youngstown, Ohio?
Genre: Superhero
Format: 6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Fléchais, Amélie
Artist(s):  Fléchais, Amélie
Cover Artist(s):  Fléchais, Amélie
Once upon a time in the middle of a thick and mysterious forest stood a strange tree house, the home of a little wolf know to everyone as "Little red wolf"…
Lose yourself in in the dark forests of Amélie Fléchais’ spectacular artwork. A young wolf, on a journey to bring his grandmother a rabbit, is charmed by the nice little girl who offers to help him…but nice is not the same as good. A haunting fairy tale for children and adults alike.
Special Notes:
-          Beautiful illustrations of a new flip take on the classic LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, with a somber theme of the cycle of violence and revenge.
- A fresh and innovative blend of comic book and children’s book, perfect for beginning or reluctant readers!   
Genre:  Fantasy
Format: 9 7.5" wide X 10.75" long Hardcover, 80 pages, full color


Author(s):  Katie Green
Artist(s):  Katie Green
Cover Artist(s):  Katie Green
Like most kids, Katie was a picky eater. She’d sit at the table in silent protest and listen to parental threats of having to eat her dinner for breakfast. But normal behavior can soon turn into something sinister and deadly. This is a story of struggle, recovery, and a trip into the black heart of anorexia.
It’s an exposure of those who prey on the weak and an inspiration to anyone who believes in the power of human will to endure towards happiness.
-Deals with the important real-world topics of eating disorders and sexual assault in a sensitive, honest, and memorable way
- Lighter Than My Shadow already received much positive press when it was published in England, with reviews in The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, Bella Magazine, and more
Genre: Memoir
Format: 6" long X 9" high, 128 pages, SC
August 20, 2017


Author(s):  Keezy Young
Artist(s):  Keezy Young
Cover Artist(s):  Keezy Young
Blue is having a hard time moving on. He’s in love with his best friend. He’s also dead. Luckily, Hamal can see ghosts, leaving Blue free to haunt him to his heart’s content. But something eerie is happening in town, leaving the local afterlife unsettled, and when Blue realizes Hamal’s strange ability may be putting him in danger, Blue must find a way to protect him, even if it means… leaving him.
-          Sweet queer love story will appeal to romantics and fans of yaoi manga
-          Elegant, naturalistic artwork by rising star Keezy Young, creator of the fantasy webcomic Yellow Hearts
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Format: 6" long X 9" high, 128 pages, SC

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