DEVIL's DUE/1FIRST COMICS September 2017 Solicitations

DEVIL's DUE/1FIRST COMICS september 2017 cover
Credit: Devil's Due/1First Comics

Lark's Killer #2
Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Mark Dos Santos
Cover A: Jenny Frison
Cover B: Mark Dos Santos and Salvatore Aiala
Cover C: Bill Willingham
“Riding Into the Sun.” Lark is on the run again, but this time she has a horse, a head start, and 300 lbs. of battle-scarred meanness on her side in the form of her (almost sober) hired killer, Brenar Frogbarding. What's her mysterious enemy to do now except hire its own top assassin to hunt her down?


Malefic #1 (New Series)
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Artist: David Miller
Cover Artist: Dan Schaffer
Young DOCTOR FREUST is a therapist in an asylum of horror where each deranged and diabolical inmate has a paranormal neurosis and a homicidal glint in their eye. Out of her depth, FRUEST must discover the techniques pioneered by her father, leader of a secret religious cult, if she has any hope of surviving the madness. The great Dan Schaffer (DOGWITCH; KILLDARLINGS) mixes a dark gothic cocktail with a twist of wry.


Black Flame #7
Writer: Peter B. Gillis
Artist: Tom Sutton, Don Lomax
Colorist: Sean Forney
Cover Artist: Hilary Barta
The Black Flame saga concludes when the Great Beyond reveals all in ‘New Dreams this Morning.’ Bonus-sized 30 pages of story! Creepy cover by HILARY BARTA!


Nightmare World Volume 1: "13 Tales of Terror"
Writer: Dirk Manning
Artist: Renae de Liz, Jeff Welborn, Josh Ross, and Various
Cover Artist: Kristin Perry
New printing from Devil's Due! This first collection of stand-alone yet ultimately interlocking genre-hopping horror stories features ghostly loves, demonic abductors, vengeful victims, a seductive Cthulhu priestess and more in a world where everything is connected and nothing is quite what it seems. Psychological horror returns in this new edition of the debut graphic novel by acclaimed horror writer Dirk Manning (TALES OF MR. RHEE, LOVE STORIES (TO DIE FOR). For thrilling stories that resonate long after reading, NIGHTMARE WORLD is the series you’ve been waiting for…


Nightmare World Volume 2: "Leave the Light On"
Writer: Dirk Manning
Artist: Seth Damoose, Leonard O'Grady, Josh Ross, and Various
Cover Artist: Kristin Perry
New printing from Devil's Due! Chupacabras, zombies, a rock star wannabe, star-crossed Mafioso lovers, Sherlock Holmes, and even an epic showdown between the Great Cthulhu and the world’s last ultra-hero intertwine as Lucifer’s grand plan to kickstart the Rapture unfolds in a rapidly escalating and terrifying fashion. Dirk Manning’s (TALES OF MR. RHEE, WRITE OR WRONG) anthology-style series dares to dream of a world where Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos meets Milton’s Paradise Lost in 13 brand new tales of terror.


Nightmare World Volume 3: "Demon Days"
Writer: Dirk Manning
Artists: Austin McKinley, Anthony Peruzzo, Josh Ross, and Various
Cover Artist: Kristen Perry
New printing from Devil's Due! 13 terrifying tales of Irish fairy-folk, demons in disguise and living among us, an ancient ceremonial knife which holds a powerful sway over those who possess it and more collide to reveal that the Armageddon is over and Lucifer has won! Now that Lucifer covertly controls the world, read on to see what hope any of those left behind surviving and thriving in a society that seems to have returned to normal, but is really a NIGHTMARE WORLD…


Nightmare World Volume 4: "The Mourning After"
Writer: Dirk Manning
Artists: Seth Damoose, Don Dougherty, Josh Ross, anf Various
Cover Artist: Kristen Perry
Lucifer was successful in his grand plan to kickstart the second war with Heaven and seize control of all creation… but does he truly know all the players involved, or how their involvement will affect everyone left behind? These thirteen terrifying tales – ranging from Shakespeare to spirits, Kaiju to Cthulhu, and angels to aliens – result in the shocking revelations linking all the NIGHTMARE WORLD stories into one massive epic, solidifying its place as the most ambitious horror anthology of a generation. Read this book as a stand-alone horror anthology all written by Dirk Manning and illustrated by artists including Seth Damoose, Dan Dougherty, Josh Ross, Howie Noel, John Marroquin, and more – and then go back and re-read the whole series to see how this epic tale of Lucifer, Lilith, and Cthulhu’s bid to take over the world slowly unfolded in front of your very eyes over the course of four volumes of 52 total tales of terror! “Imagine if every episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE was revealed to be part of one massive story… and you’ll start to get an idea of the epic horror adventure that is NIGHTMARE WORLD.” – Derek Becker, Comic Pros and Cons

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