WONDER WOMAN Hits $806.2m With Delayed Japan Opening & Renewed IMAX Screens

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Updated August 8, 2017: Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman made its last international debut this weekend in Japan, and by Monday it earned $3.4m - and a grand total of $806.2m overall, according to Deadline.

The Gal Gadot film opened on 599 screens in Japan, and placing second in that country behind the debuting local picture Sekigahara.

In North America, Wonder Woman returned to IMAX theaters and was shown in 2,210 screens across the continent.

The film debuts on digital home video August 29, with physical home video coming September 19.

Updated August 1, 2017: Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman has now earned $786 million worldwide, according to Forbes. That breaks down to $395m domestically and $391m internationally since its theatrical debut 59 days ago.

Wonder Woman's $786m total puts it ahead of Deadpool's $783.1m gross, as well as Suicide Squad ($746.1m) and Man of Steel ($667.9m).

The Gal Gadot film is the second-highest grossing modern DC film, after 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at $868.1m after its 84-day domestic run. But comparing apples to apples, Wonder Woman has earned more domestically in 59 days ($395m) than Batman v Superman in the same time-frame ($328.7)

Updated July 11, 2017: After six weekends, Wonder Woman has earned $745.6m at the box office, according to Deadline - with $377.1m internationally and $368.5m domestically. This continued success leaves the Gal Gadot-led film poised to surpass 2016's Suicide Squad at some point this week - that film ultimately earned $746.1m theatrically.

Wonder Woman is said to be exceptionally strong in China, with $88.8m earned to date - followed by Brazil ($31.7m), United Kingdom ($27.2m), Mexico ($22.3m), and Australia ($21.5m). The film is scheduled to open in Japan on August 25.

Original Story: Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman has now earned an estimated $707.9 million worldwide after its fifth weekend of release, according to Forbes. $346.1m of that is its North American estimates to date, beating Guardians of the Galaxy's' domestic ($333m), but perhaps more significantly, all other DC films to date.

The ultimate worldwide theatrical grosses of the DCEU films are Man of Steel ($667.9m), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($868.1m), and Suicide Squad ($746.1m).

The Gal Gadot-starring film is scheduled to open in Japan on August 25.

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