ROB LIEFELD Celebrates 25 Years of EXTREME STUDIOS At Comic-Con International: San Diego

Extreme Studios
Credit: Rob Liefeld
Credit: Rob Liefeld

Press Release

Comic Book Author, Writer and Creator Rob Liefeld, best known as creator of Marvel’s Deadpool will appear at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA on July 20th 2017 for a panel and Q+A to celebrate his 30 year career in the Entertainment Industry. The panel titled “25 Years Of Rob Liefeld Creations” will feature a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Liefeld’s Extreme Studios, his tenure as Co-Founder of Image Comics, as well as his time at Marvel where he not only revitalized the New Mutants and X-men Franchises but created some of the most beloved characters in Marvel history, including Deadpool, Cable and Domino, as well as X-Force. The panel will feature special guest Extreme Studios alum including Dan Fraga, Marat Mychaels, Andy Park, Todd Nauck, Dan Panosian, Norm Rapmund, Art Thibert and many more. The panel will be hosted and moderated by Image Comics Co-Founder and The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman.

“Extreme Studios was the most exciting movement in the history of Comics” Said Kirkman. “From Youngblood, all the way to Alan Moore’s Supreme was a string of hits that is yet to be topped! I am honored to host this panel at Comic-Con International celebrating my good friend and Image Co-founder Rob Liefeld.”

Best known for creating the Deadpool, X?Force, Cable and Youngblood comic series in the early 90’s, Liefeld’s influence extended to popular characters and story lines featuring Spiderman, X?Men, Captain America and the Avengers during his time at Marvel Comics. X?Force launched to 5 million sales and remains the 2nd bestselling comic in history. Deadpool became one of Marvel’s most popular characters and the feature film released in 2016 has grossed over $782 million worldwide to date. Liefeld’s own Extreme Studios, an offshoot of Image Comics which he co-founded, was the top studio in the comics field worldwide, their family of titles second only to Marvel’s X-Men with a 5.78 market share. Liefeld’s career is reaching new heights in 2017 with the release of the Number 1 selling Original Graphic Novel “Deadpool: Bad Blood” and revival of Youngblood from Image Publishing becoming one of the most acclaimed comics of 2017.

“”I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since we all jammed together under one roof. Very excited to get together with the fellas and catch up on the big stage of comic-con! And moderated by Robert freaking Kirkman no less!! This is as Extreme as it gets!! I’m so excited to share  ”

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