The Internets Tries to Start a HOWARD THE DUCK 'Rumor', JAMES GUNN Ain't Having It

Howard the Duck
Credit: Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy auteur James Gunn is not producing a Howard the Duck spin-off movie for Marvel Studios, and he doesn’t think the idea even qualifies as a rumor.

In an internet/journalism day-and-age when someone’s speculation can telephone-game into a “rumor,” Gunn doesn’t just deny there was any validity to the idea, he goes a step further.

Asked on Twitter his thoughts of on rumors “heating up” about a movie he’d produce, Gunn shot it own at the source level with this response:

Moments later he took it a step further, completing the cycle of having to refute a ‘rumor’ of questionable origin:

Gunn then shared the story of a project he wanted to do once that would have really broken the internet:

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