Marvel Legends' SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Wave Sets a New Bar

Spider-Man: Homecoming Legends
Credit: Lan Pitts

Spider-Man is coming back to theaters for his Marvel Cinematic Universe solo-debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming in just a matter of weeks, which means it’s time for the Ol’ Webhead’s latest Marvel Legends wave – but this is a wave unlike any other.

Obviously with a Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave, you’re going to have a few Spider-People in the mix, but it’s the first time the “homemade” costume, as well as the very first Build-A-Vehicle rather than the Build-A-Figure with each figure coming with a part of the Vulture’s massive wings. There’s even classic Spidey villains sprinkled in and the long-awaited Declan Shalvey-designed Moon Knight.

Hasbro provided Newsarama with an early look at the wave coming out at the end of the month, just in time for the movie, and it’s one of their best in presentation. So let’s start by taking a look at the man of the hour himself, Spider-Man.

Credit: Lan Pitts


We first saw this figure with the Civil War three-pack last year with Captain America and Iron Man with Spider-Man holding Cap’s shield. This time around, he comes with two heads, one showing a more Ditko-inspired look and the other with wider, more expressive eyes.

Obviously with this being a Spider-Man figure, you’re going to have a crazy amount of articulation. We’re talking about 20 points and up on his articulation, which allows for a multitude of possible poses.

This Spider-Man also comes with two sets of hands, one with his standard web-shooting gesture and the other in fist formation. He also comes with a set of web-wings that fit under his armpits, but aren’t exactly the most stable things. Getting them to stay on can be troublesome and might need some assistance in keeping them situated. They do look great once they’re in though, but don’t get too comfortable with that look.

It’s pretty standard fare with this figure, but with the added goodies, it’s not a complete waste, even if it is a reissue of sorts. The main thing missing from this figure is a web-effect hand similar to the Captain America shield hand from a few waves back, or the upcoming Marvel Knights Bullseye figure’s knives.

‘Rama Rating: 7 out of 10.

Credit: Lan Pitts

Spider-Man (Homemade Costume):

Although briefly shown in Civil War during a YouTube clip, it looks like we get a better look at Peter’s homemade threads. Packing the same level of articulation of the previous entry, with two sets of hands and a sculpt for his hood to be up or down.

You have to appreciate the sculpt that went into this. With the Legends line being somewhat notorious for repeating body sculpts, this feels new and fun to play with. While the homely costume doesn’t look like it’ll be featured a ton in the upcoming movie, it’s a nice addition to the line.

The sculpt for the hood is really cool. The hood also helps the figure out with balancing issues when you’re trying to pose it. When it’s in the up position, it also looks just plain cool. You can remove the head with ease and place either of the hood positions back on it in however you want.

The clothing sculpt is solid, too, with the folds and creases of what is supposed to be the softer fabric, with even the strings of the waistband included in the sculpt. The webshooters have a metallic tint to them, giving a nice color break. Spidey’s eyes on this one resemble more of binoculars and are made as such. Everything about it really screams “a 15-year-old made this” and that’s its charm.

‘Rama Rating: 8 out of 10

Credit: Lan Pitts

Classic Tombstone:

Lonnie Thompson Lincoln was someone from Daily Bugle editor Robbie Robertson’s past and eventually became one of Spider-Man’s great second-string foes. With his pale, hardened skin, Lincoln, now calling himself Tombstone, made a name for himself as a mob enforcer and soon became a crime lord himself.

While Tombstone’s body is the standard medium build, his head sculpt is one of the most impressive that’s come along. There hasn’t been a Tombstone ever featured in the Legends line - even going back to the Toy Biz days - so he finally gets his day in plastic immortality.

Going back to the sculpting and paint job, it’s fairly basic. There’s no accessories - his clothes are painted on, rather than sculpted - but with his monochromatic outfit, there’s not much to really expect either. Tombstone has decent articulation, but there really should have been an extra set of hands, maybe for something for a “choking” motion.

The head sculpt as previously mentioned is notable. They didn’t aim for “realism” or anything of that aspect and get to the point of what Tombstone is all about: his intimidating grin with his filed teeth and vampire bat-like nose. While impressive, that’s really all the figure has going for it. It’s interesting that Tombstone’s daughter, the modern-day Beetle, had a whole bunch more going for her when she was released two years ago.

If you’re looking to try and recreate the Sinister Twelve, this is one for you. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot going on here.

’Rama Rating: 5 out of 10

Credit: Lan Pitts

Classic Beetle:

There have been a handful of incarnations of the Beetle armor and character, but Abner Jenkins’ second version is the most associated with the name and he joins the ranks of Spider-Man villains this time around getting the Marvel Legends treatment.

Using the wings from the Superior Foes Beetle with adding the original “shell wings” at the top of the shoulders, it gives the Beetle a remarkable silhouette, but makes for a tough balancing act. The shell wings in particular were difficult to angle just right to keep on since the larger wings take up so much space. A little time and practice and eventually everything comes into place, but sneeze and it essentially falls apart.

The helmet sculpt is old school cool, gleaming with Beetle’s trademark spectral green and purple color combo. Everything has this metallic tint that makes it appear like actual armor. He’s got really good articulation, but with the wings out you might need a base to help pose him just the way you want. The Ultimate Beetle and Superior Foes Beetle have already gotten figures in the Legends line, and it was about time that Abner here got his dues. Fans of classic Spider Rogues have been clamoring for this guy and the result isn’t half bad.

‘Rama Rating: 7 out of 10

Credit: Lan Pitts

Moon Knight:

This is the Moon Knight figure his fans have been waiting for.

The figure is dressed in Moon Knight’s new costume, designed by artist Declan Shalvey for the Warren Ellis written relaunch from a few years ago, and like in the comic books, includes a variety of weapons such as a sliding scale of crescent moon shuriken and a staff that breaks apart into clubs.

This is only the second Moon Knight figure in the Legends 6” scale (with a previous model of the same costume released in the 3.75” scale last year) and it was more than time for an upgrade. Moon Knight here comes with an impressive 20 points of articulation and is ready to pose for battle. The crescent moons fit easily into his hand, as does the staff/club (which is simply a repaint of Daredevil’s billy club).

His cape is separate from the hood, which allows for his head to be fully poseable. The cape is also a durable resin that feels smooth to the touch and not sticky like the figure’s last outing in the MODOK Build-A-Figure wave from Toy Biz.

It’s difficult not to love this adaptation. The sculpt all the way down to his cleated boots is one of Legends’ most comic-accurate and detailed interpretations that we’ve ever seen. The cape helps MK stay upright and balanced. It has enough weight so you can bring him forward with your posing without him toppling over. Simply all around cool.

’Rama Rating: 9 out of 10

Captain Universe:

Credit: Lan Pitts
Credit: Lan Pitts

This guy might have fit in better with the Guardians of the Galaxy line, but seeing how Spider-Man once obtained the Uni-Power, sure, they put him with Spider-Man.

The Captain here comes with three changeable heads: regular Captain Universe, Cosmic Spider-Man, and a normal, bearded Arcturus Rann style head. He doesn’t come with any sort of energy blast accessory, but Hasbro has been really diving into Marvel’s cosmic playpen as of late.

Captain Universe’s paint job is well done and correctly captures the starfield at the top of his costume. There’s not too much else in the way of costume details though, as most of his body is solid white without even the pearlescent undertone that was used for Vance Astro in the Guardians wave earlier this year.

Captain Universe’s articulation is pretty great, though. He’s stable as there are no add-ons to the body and his chest is lean. He can stand ready with no difficulties, but shouldn’t there be more? The variety of heads is fine and all as the Uni-Power being a fickle host was what made it fun. However, this is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel lore and something demonstrating that power would have been cool to have in addition to the multiple host showcase.

’Rama Rating: 5 out of 10

Credit: Lan Pitts

Marvel’s Vulture:

Spider-Man’s big bad in Homecoming is the longtime foe, Vulture – played by Michael Keaton who has made a career out of playing guys with wings. Vulture here has the distinction of being the first Marvel Legends Build-A-Vehicle figure, with each figure in the line coming with a piece of his giant, mechanical wings.

Taking a look at the wings, you can see how the wires and plates mimic the structure of actual bird wings. The circular propellers can actually spin and give a really good sense of motion, and the wingspan is two feet going from tip to tip. They have a metallic grey and green color scheme, keeping things on par with the villain’s classic palette.

Also keeping up with appearances, Vulture has a pilot’s flight jacket with a fur collar. The helmet blocks off all of his face, except for two eerie green eyes. Vulture’s sculpt is incredibly impressive from top to bottom and easily one of the best figures ever to come out from the Legends brand. His legs are mechanical featuring three-pronged spiked “talons.” Every bit of his outfit seems realistic and functional, including a harness for the wings. Vulture comes with the “spine” for the wings and they’re quite easy to assemble and can fold and fan, allowing for some really great posing. It was smart of Hasbro to include a translucent base for the wings that allows Vulture to appear floating and upright. Simply slide the base of the wings into and you’re good to go.

It will be interesting to see where Hasbro takes this Build-A-Vehicle concept but it’s already off to an auspicious start.

‘Rama Rating: 10 out of 10

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