The Falcon
Credit: Elizabeth Torque (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Two more Marvel Legacy titles have been revealed - one a new title, and the other with a potential major development.

The Falcon is a new title launching as part of Marvel Comics' Legacy initiative, in what appears to be Sam Wilson returning to his classic role.

The Elizabeth Torque cover at right (which homages Ron Wilson's Invincible Iron Man #71) appears to be Wilson and not the most recent one, Joaquin Torres, who has bird-like mutations. Torres has also never been an Avenger, as The Falcon is referred to on the cover. Wilson has not been seen in any of the Marvel Legacy artwork released to date in his current role as Captain America.

It is unknown whether this The Falcon series is an ongoing, miniseries, or one-shot, but the Falcon has never had a solo ongoing - only one miniseries, in 1983.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, the recently-launched Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man is putting Peter Parker behind bars. Paolo Siquera's Marvel Legacy cover homages Captain America #260's cover by Al Milgrom.

We don't know why Peter appears to be incarcerated, of course, but in the issue this cover is homaging, Captain America was merely imprisoned to test security at Ryker's Island.

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