FIGHTING AMERICAN Returning on Joe Simon's Birthday

"Fighting American" art
Credit: Duke Mighten (Titan Comics)
Credit: Terry & Rachel Dodson (Titan Comics)

The previously-announced revival of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Fighting American is now scheduled to debut October 11 - what would have been the 104th birthday of Simon.

Simon and Kirby created the Fighting American in the early 1950s following a revival of Captain America by Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics). Although initially set in the mold of a U.S. patriotic hero, the two creators eventually pushed the creator-owned character into superhero satire, remarking on the McCarthy hearings. Over the years, various publishers have licensed and created new Fighting American stories, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Harvey Comics, Awesome Entertainment, and most recently, Dynamite Entertainment.

This new Fighting American title is being published by the U.K.-based Titan Comics, and is scheduled to be written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Duke Mighten.

"It's been great working on a character created by two such legendary comic talents, especially in this, Jack Kirby's centenary year," Rennie told Heat Vision. "Hopefully, he and Joe Simon would enjoy finding out how their Fighting American from the 1950s fits into our modern and more cynical world."

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