Futurians by Rob Liefeld
Credit: Rob Liefeld
Credit: Marvel Comics/Dave Cockrum

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld plans to revive a series by another legendary comic book artist - Dave Cockrum's Futurians

The Futurians debuted as a Marvel OGN in 1983, with Cockrum later moving them to the self-published Lodestone Comics for three issues. The Futurians are superheroes in a future society known as Terminus.

Liefeld will shepherd the property in an overall deal that includes comic books, movies, TV, and more. No specific project or publisher was named in the announcement.

“Dave Cockrum's work at Marvel and DC defined my childhood and inspired me to be a comic book creator,” Liefeld said. “Without Dave, there is no New X-Men resurgence, there is no Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Lilandra, Star Jammers or the Imperial Guard. His influence on generations of fans cannot be measured. When Dave launched his creator-owned concept, the Futurians as a Marvel graphic novel, I was completely enthralled. These were some of the best and brightest new characters I'd encountered since The X-Men. The opportunity to bring the Futurians to the modern comic fan is both a thrill and an honor!”

Credit: Rob Liefeld

“Paty Cockrum and I are delighted that Rob Liefeld is taking on The Futurians,” added Clifford Meth, a representative of Cockrum's estate. “Dave Cockrum was best known as the creator of Nightcrawler and the designer of Marvel’s X-Men icons Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird and Mystique. But the Futurians were by far Dave’s favorite characters that he created. His graphic novels for Marvel and other companies that featured the Futurians were beloved by Dave’s fans. Decades later, they are still sought after by collectors.”

“Rob Liefeld is the perfect creator to take on this project," Meth continued. "Rob is a fan-favorite storyteller whose personality, like Dave’s, is comics incarnate. He loves the medium, grew up on Dave’s work, and developed a number of his own extremely popular characters such as Deadpool and Cable. Rob will know exactly what to do with the Futurians and we can’t wait to see it.”

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