Animated Shorts: Avatar Ends, Boomerang Goes to the Dogs

Animated Shorts: Avatar Ends, More...


Nickelodeon announced this week its groundbreaking, award winning and just plain incredible series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is coming back on Monday, July 14. More important, it will air the last of the series last episode on Saturday, July 19.

That’s right fans, the network will air all ten of these episodes in that time period. As you can imagine they are making a major event out of it.

For those suffering from an attention deficit disorder, the last Avatar episodes to air, the two-part “The Day of the Black Sun,” aired last November 30, 2007. Four more episodes were initially released domestically on DVD last May. As it turns out, these last episodes will be released on DVD on July 29, so it probably isn’t hard to speculate Nick wanted to get some ratings bang for its bucks before they are sold at discount at Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

That said, this is the schedule Nick released yesterday, Tuesday, July 1, 2008 (All episodes will air at 8:00 pm eastern):

• Monday, July 14 - #312 “The Western Air Temple”

Reeling from defeat and having left so many behind, the group hides in the Western Air Temple to devise a new plan. They are displeased to find someone unexpected when they arrive, even though they are in need of assistance.

• Tuesday, July 15 – #313 “The Firebending Masters”

When it comes time for Zuko to teach Aang Firebending, it turns out Aang is not the only one who needs a lesson. The two set out to learn the true meaning of Firebending from the original teachers.

• Wednesday, July 16 - #314/315 “The Boiling Rock” (hour-long special)

Sokka and Zuko head to the Fire Nation’s most heavily guarded prison, the Boiling Rock, in hopes to break out the captured invasion force. But when things go wrong, they must rethink their escape plan. Thankfully they end up getting help from a few unexpected sources.

• Thursday, July 17 – #316 “The Southern Raiders”

Katara sets out to confront the Fire Nation soldier who killed her mother. But what will she do when she finds him?

• Friday, July 18 – #317 “The Ember Island Players”

The kids see a play about themselves and all their past adventures. But they aren’t happy with the production.

* Saturday, July 19 –# 318-321 “Sozin’s Comet” (two-hour movie)

After Aang’s unsuccessful attack against the fierce Firelord Ozai during the Day of Black Sun, he will finally face his mortal enemy and seal his destiny. Aang’s struggle with firebending becomes urgent as he learns he must confront the Fire Lord earlier than planned. Aang prepares mentally and physically for the attack as the comet nears, but when he finally faces the Firelord, will he have the heart take his life?


Cartoon Network’s sister channel Boomerang is going to the dogs this July its programming spotlight on its stable of superstar dog characters each weekend of the month. Entitled Boomerang's “Dog Days Of Summer,” the stunt will air every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, July 5-27, 4-5:30 p.m. (ET), and feature one of the many classic canine cartoon characters from the Hanna-Barbera kennel.

"We've always believed our dog stars deserved a day in the sun," said Rico Hill, vice president of programming and scheduling for Boomerang and Cartoon Network. "Mid-summer in the heat of July seemed the perfect time to take these boys 'out for a walk' so to speak so that their many fans could enjoy them. After a day by the pool or at a park or in the backyard, kids and families can grab a cool drink and sit down for some big, wholesome laughs-that's what Boomerang is all about this July."

Here’s the list of episodes:

• Saturday, July 5: Scooby-Doo

• Sunday, July 6: Scrappy-Doo

• Saturday, July 12: Astro

• Sunday, July 13: Muttley

• Saturday, July 19: 2 Stupid Dogs

• Sunday, July 20: Dino

• Saturday, July 26: Butch/Spike

• Sunday, July 27: Huckleberry Hound


In an interview over a month ago, voice actress Grey DeLisle let out that she will be the voice of both the Baroness and Scarlet. It’s now officially been announced the series will be skipping television and air on the net starting 2009.

According to the website Toy News International (, the following details have been released:

• The series is being produced by Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10) and is written by no less than Warren Ellis. The series is being directed by WB veteran Joaquim Dos Santos.

• It will be composed of ten 5-minute shorts concluding with a 10-minute finale.

• Other characters include: Snake Eyes, Duke, Roadblock. Gung Ho, Lady Jaye, Storm Shadow, Flint, Tunnel Rat and, of course, Cobra Commander.

• They will air on Hasbro’s GI Joe website.

It was also announced that Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) is doing a new animated series for, get this, Google.

The series is called Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. According the no less august a publication than The New York Times, Google will use AdSense to syndicate the program to thousands of web sites. Rather than the typical static AdSense advert, Google will place a clip from Cavalcade. It will consist of 50 two-minute animated shorts, for which MacFarlane is said to have created a whole host of new characters for.

Advertising will then be incorporated in to the clips in a variety of different ways. Some will include a pre-roll advert before the clip plays, while other will take the form of an ever-present banner sitting underneath the playing clip.

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