New WONDER WOMAN Creative Team Coming In September 2017

DC Comics September 2017 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

James Robinson, Carlos Pagulyan, and Emanuela Lupacchino are taking over DC's Wonder Woman with September 27's #31. The trio's new story, "Children of the Gods," will pick-up the long-simmering storyline concerning Jason, the brother to Wonder Woman that was revealed in 2016's "Darkseid War" arc of Justice League.

"Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason (the only male ever born on the island) has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men…but his life and Wonder Woman’s are about to intersect in a terrifying way, bringing them face-to-face with a cosmic threat they never imagined!" explained DC's press release.

The trio are taking over from Shea Fontana and Mirka Andolfo, whose five-issue run begins July 12 with Wonder Woman #26. The new trio's run is scheduled to run for six issues, from September to December.

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