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The Cycle
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Credit: Daniel Irizarri

Press Release

The Cycle: The Complete Digital Collection, a multi-artist 122-page superhero/crime thriller, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in less than twelve hours after debuting earlier this week. The campaign’s creator, writer Jakob Free, has announced the funding of an additional 22-page comic entitled Rabbit Hole #1 as the campaign’s sole stretch goal.

The Cycle tells the story of Tommy Centro, a young New York City professional plagued by a secret obsession that is slowly driving him insane. And the timing couldn’t be worse: After becoming fast friends with The Roman, New York’s disgraced former vigilante-protector, Tommy meets the woman of his dreams. With his two new relationships off to a rocky start, Centro’s predicament is further compounded by the resurgence of The Enigma Killer, the infamous super-powered serial killer. As Enigma descends on New York to crush its criminal elements and install himself as the Once and Future King of Crime, Centro finds himself embroiled in the fight of his life.

The Cycle was drawn by Jon Cairns (Alpha Flag), JD Faith (Virgil, Image Comics), Daniel Irizarri (Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth, IDW Comics), Mark Pearce (Ronin Dogs), and Joseph P Kelly (Paywall, Landfill Editions); with color art from Renee Keyes (Alpha Flag), Alchemichael (Island, Image Comics) and Sloane Leong (From Under Mountains, Image Comics); and lettering by Nic J. Shaw (The Fix, Image Comics). Due to the multiple-artist approach, each chapter of The Cycle has its own unique look and feel, while maintaining a continuity through the use of a vibrant and distinct color palette. With artists from the United States and abroad, the diversity of styles on display is staggering.

Now that The Cycle: The Complete Digital Collection has met its funding goals, additional funds taken in will go toward meeting the campaign’s new stretch goal: the completion of Jakob Free’s Rabbit Hole #1, drawn by Dave Chisholm (Instrumental), colored by Daniel Irizarri, and lettered by Nic J. Shaw. Also set in New York City, albeit on the other side of the East River in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, Rabbit Hole is a violent science-fiction adventure with bizarre characters in a moody, nightmare version of the famed outer borough. The being known as Zed, an amnesiac alien-warrior bearing the features of a cybernetic rabbit, finds purpose as a soldier on the frontline of a war with a powerful Brooklyn gang.

The Cycle: The Complete Digital Collection campaign will run until July 13th, at which point production will begin on backer rewards.

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