ALL STAR BATMAN Ending With #14

All Star Batman #14
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

All Star Batman writer Scott Snyder has announced that the title will come to an end with #14 - but he will continue the artistic collaborations planned for the book in what he calls a "new format" for DC Comics.

Snyder made the announcement on Twitter, saying "From the start, the [All Star Batman] was always about getting to collaborate with artists, giving them creative freedom so I'd be challenged to write differently, try new things with Batman. It's been one the great joys & experiences of my career, and the new format will let [All Star Batman] evolve."

Snyder then tweeted that the first such project would be with Sean Gordon Murphy, Snyder's former collaborator on creator-owned Vertigo series The Wake, and would be solicited "very soon." 

As for the nature of the new format, Snyder told CBR it is a "prestige" format, and described it as part of a "new initiative" DC is launching. Marvel Comics has also recently begun a series of prestige format original graphic novels such as Deadpool: Bad Blood, which was created and drawn by Deadpool's creator Rob Liefeld. Snyder stopped short of confirming that the new format would be similar to the OGN style, saying he couldn't get specific until DC formally announces its plans.

All Star Batman is the first official "Rebirth" series to come to an end.

All Star Batman #14, the series' final issue, is due out September 13.

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