JHONEN VASQUEZ Stages Surprise Return To Comics In This Week's INVADER ZIM

"Invader ZIM #20" cover
Credit: Oni Press
Credit: Oni Press

Jhonen Vasquez has jumped in to write this week's Invader ZIM #20 from Oni Press. Originally solicited to be witten by Eric Truehart, Invader ZIM #20 will now have a story by Vasquez and series artist Warren Wucinich that coincides with the announcement of the upcoming TV movie.

ZIM fans have marveled as they’ve seen ZIM travel to incredible worlds and performed impossible feats of science fiction madness, but of all the things fans have been waiting for there’s one thing that simply hasn’t been attempted yet - until now," said Vasquez. "That’s right, thanks to the power of comics technology, fans will finally get to see ZIM do absolutely nothing but sit on his butt and watch TV. Seriously, he just sits and complains while GIR also sits and does even less. Don’t say we never do anything nice for you! You’re welcome!"

Invader ZIM #20 goes on sale this Wednesday.

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