My Big Fat Hispanic Wedding (Sort Of) In HOMIES #1 Full First Issue - FREE

"Homies TP" preview

My big fat hispanic wedding, sort of, in this full first issue of Homies ahead of the collection due out this week from Dynamite Entertainment.

Homies TP
writers: David Gonzalez, Elliott Serrano
artist/cover: Andrew Huerta
FC • 104 pages • $15.99 • Teen+
In Barrio Quién Sabé, the entire community is one big familia, laughter and good times are the perfect cure for reality, and the Homies love their lowriders like they love their ladies: painted, sexy, curvy, and dressed to kill. Follow the colorful, oddball characters in four wild adventures: the wedding of Gata to would-be bachelor-for-life Hollywood, a charity match of rival luchadores to save the neighborhood community center, the haunting of the Mexican legend La Llorona, and the arrival of an illegal alien... of the extraterrestrial kind! Welcome to East Los Angeles, esé!

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