E3: ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS Brings High-Flying Action to Egypt

Still from 'Assassin's Creed Origins'

Never let it be said that Ubisoft was afraid of taking a risk. The publisher took the saying go big or go home to heart with the latest installment of the Assassin's Creed series, dubbed Origins. After seeing a few scenes of ancient Egypt come into play, we were treated to watching Bayik, the newest assassin sliding down a golden tipped pyramid, gleaming in the glory of the sun.

Dubbed as the first assassin, Bayik is seen as a sort of Egyptian sheriff, looking to right the wrongs of a corrupt regime. To do this, there will be blood, and lots of it. And our assassin has some new tricks up his sleeve.

Instead of Eagle Vision, your new assassin will use an actual eagle to scope out targets and potential situational advantages. Armed with a bow and arrow, we watched as Bayik takes out a guard in mid-air on his way to take out a fake Oracle. And here's where we see a new wrinkle in the gameplay. After felling a foe, Bayik looted the corpse for a new, more powerful weapon. You can also level up in game as we as we saw the assassin earn an Ability Point after felling a few more enemies.

Hand to hand combat looks as smooth as ever and just as pretty thanks to the gorgeous 4K resolution. It's a thrilling first look into what's sure to be an epic thrill ride.

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