"Generations" cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated June 15, 2017: Marvel has released new information regarding Generations that confirms the mysterious "Vanishing Point" advertised for Secret Empire #1 is indeed the mechanism through which Generations will pair its modern heroes with their classic counterparts.

"In a flash, the Marvel heroes are offered a gift: to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who came before them, free from the burdens of past, present, and future – where time has no meaning," reads the press release. "Within the Vanishing Point, through the course of these action-packed adventures, our heroes will discover what is needed to usher in the future of the Marvel Universe. This August, prepare for Marvel’s Generations!"

Generations unites the present day heroes of the Marvel Universe with their forbearers from the past in order to chart the course of the future!” said Marvel Senior VP/Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “These ten adventures are the stepping stones to everything that is to come for all of these characters!”
No information about what - or where - the Vanishing Point is or how Generations connects to Secret Empire have been revealed.

Here is a gallery of covers for the 10-part Generations title.

Original Story: Marvel has released a new teaser for Secret Empire #10, the series' final issue. The teaser features a portion of Alex Ross's Generations art, which depicts current versions of Marvel characters alongside their "legacy" predecessors and mentors, along with the phrase "What is the Vanishing Point?"

Generations is a series of one-shots due out in August that pair these characters on new adventures, in many cases through time travel in cases where the "legacy" heroes are deceased.

Generations will be published during Secret Empire, but until this point, a direct connection between the two had not been drawn. Could the "Vanishing Point" referred to in the teaser be the key to uniting multiple generations of Marvel's heroes?

If so, this may mean that the Second Steve seen in recent issues of Secret Empire may originate with this "Vanishing Point," or perhaps be trapped there. If that's the case, the "Vanishing Point" may be a mechanic for bringing back other "classic" versions of Marvel's heroes.

Generations and Secret Empire will lead into Legacy, a follow-up event in which many of Marvel's longest running titles will revert to the numbering from previous volumes. The first of these titles is Ultimates 2, which will be renumbered in August as Ultimates 2 #100. The exact titles included in Legacy and the numbers at which they will be renumbered has not been revealed.

Legacy begins in September with Legacy #1, which sets up the story behind the return to Marvel's "classic" numbering.

Secret Empire #10 is due out on shelves August 30. Generations begins August 4 with Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1, which brings together the older, deceased version of Jean Grey and the younger, time-displaced version currently appearing in her own solo-series.

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