What If DC's BATMAN #24 Cliffhanger Ends With A 'Yes'... Or A 'No'?

"Batman #24" preview
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Spoilers ahead for Batman #24.

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If you've read Batman #24 - or if you read online spoilers - then you know that in this week's issue, Batman got down on one knee and proposed to Selina Kyle.

Batman writer Tom King said he wants fans to think about what could "come out of this." So let's think this through...

If Catwoman says "Yes"…

...then Batman and Catwoman are engaged. She'll probably be compelled to give up her life of crime, or at least lean even more heavily toward heroism than she already does. And all her wishes for diamonds and pearls would be fulfilled by a life as Mrs. Bruce Wayne.

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That might sound odd, to think about a married Batman, but it's not unprecedented. There have been Batman and Catwoman marriages in past comic book stories set on alternate earths.

And although it could be argued that DC doesn't like its heroes to be married - because, well, they usually don't, and it's difficult to reverse a comic book character's marriage (just ask Marvel about Spider-Man) - that rule doesn't always apply. After all, Superman is currently married in DC's comic books, and he has a son.

If Superman can be married, can't Batman?

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It also fits with the "core" of the character of Batman. Or at least, mainstream audiences already assume that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are an item. They've even seen the characters have a happily-ever-after in the movies - at the end of director Christopher Nolan's final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce had quit being Batman, Selina had quit being Catwoman, and the two of them had escaped together to a tropical hideaway.

The possibility of Bruce quitting his job as Batman also isn't out of the question right now at DC. There are plenty of former Robins who could take over the mantle (and one already did for a while). And in the recent "The Button" crossover, DC specifically teased the idea of Bruce stopping, as he visited his father in an alternate universe and heard Daddy's pleas to stop being Batman.

That said, there's also the possibility that the two will get married and continue being costumed characters. In past comic book stories, on one of DC's many alternate earths, Selina and Bruce not only married and fought crime together as Batman and Catwoman, but they had a daughter who became a crime-fighter too.

The wedding could tie very well into the 75-year anniversary of the duo's relationship, and DC might be able to drag out the engagement until a milestone issue hosts the wedding, such as the 1000th issue of Detective Comics (which, at the title's current shipping schedule, would come out in March 2019).

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Is this the plan at DC for the "Rebirth" future?

King already hinted - at the end of his Batman #5 - about a future where Batman was dead, and Duke Thomas had married Gotham Girl. "Well, this is nothing that will happen overnight," King explained to Newsarama about Batman's death and his protégé's marriage. "I'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day. But … I mean, when I make promises, I execute them. So you'll see some of it happen."

If Tom King plans to kill his version of Batman somehow, then maybe marrying him to Catwoman is also part of the plan.

Then again, just because she says "yes" doesn't mean the marriage will happen. Whenever Bruce Wayne tries to be happy with a woman in his life, something invariably gets in the way (and that something often wears clown-face make-up or some other wild get-up).

If she says "No"…

Then Batman might be even more disoriented than he probably already is, after the recent plea from his father to quit being Batman. If his attempt at a family with Selina falls through, he may give up on making the mantle of Batman work.

As for the aforementioned "death" that was teased in Batman #5, a rejection by Selina might feed into a hopelessness that leads to Batman's self-sacrifice.

Either way, the development opens up all kinds of possibilities for the future of Batman.

Batman #25 is scheduled to hit shelves June 21.

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