WONDER WOMAN's Granddaughter: CHRISTIE MARSTON On the Success Of Her Grandparents' Superhero Icon

"Wonder Woman" still
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Harry G. Peter (DC Comics)

On Friday, Warner Bros.’s Wonder Woman opened in theaters around the world – and like many, Christie Marston went to see it with friends. But unlike many others, she has a vested interest – she is a granddaughter of Wonder Woman’s principal creators, William Moulton Marston and Elizabeth Holloway Marston. When asked how seeing the Wonder Woman movie felt for her and her family, she was jubilant.

“Wonderful!” Marston told Newsarama. “It has been a long wait.”

Of course, that’s not the first time she’s seen the movie. Marston attended the Hollywood movie premiere in late May, and said she came out of her first screening with “a huge smile.”

Susan Eisenberg, Diane Nelson, Christie Marston
Susan Eisenberg, Diane Nelson, Christie Marston
Credit: Susan Eisenberg

“I love this movie! I entered the theatre with hopeful anticipation, and left the theatre with a huge smile that has barely left my face ever since!” Marston said. “Patty Jenkins isn't just a huge Wonder Woman fan, she is an amazingly skilled director!  The movie flowed flawlessly, the visuals were amazing, the actors excellent and perfectly in tune. I was very happily floored!”

When asked how her grandparents’ original intentions for Wonder Woman match up to how the character is portrayed today, Marston said despite some bumps along the way she is now “in sync with her original purpose.”

Credit: DC Comics

“This could be a touchy question, but; if we stick to how Wonder Woman is portrayed today, she is in sync with her original purpose,” she said. “She has emerged from some truly warped versions bearing her name and is now as she should be - a role model for young and old everywhere.”

Although she had no involvement in the movie itself, Marston said that DC Entertainment has been “very welcoming” over the last year and has participated in other events.

 “I've really only come to know DC corporate people over the last year or so, and they have been very welcoming,” said Marston. “I joined them to celebrate the USPS Wonder Woman stamps, Wonder Woman at the United Nations, and now the movie. There are a few individuals who have gone that big extra mile to accommodate me - even sending comics to give to fans visiting the Wonder Woman museum exhibit at the Rhode Island Comic Con. I'm loving what is happening with Wonder Woman right now - she is back on track and out there leading the way for both kids and adults. Wonder Woman in public service where she belongs!”

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