Car Chase Through TOKYO In JAMES BOND #4 Preview

"James Bond #4" preview

007 tests out another souped-up sports car in a preview of this week's James Bond #4.

James Bond #4
writer: Benjamin Percy
artist: Rapha Lobosco
covers: Dominic Reardon (a), Jason Masters (b), Matt Taylor (c)
incentive cover: Jason Masters (B/W art), Dominic Reardon (“virgin art”), Matt Taylor (“virgin art”)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
James Bond #4, "The Suicide Forest"
The latest installment in the Black Box storyline will leave you breathless. An epic car chase through the gritty, neon wonderland of Tokyo gives way to a sexy layover near Mt. Fuji, where James Bond goes "undercover" with the mysterious assassin, Selah Sax. Little does 007 know his mission is about to change -- and danger lurks in the nearby "Suicide Forest," where he and Selah will be both the hunters and the hunted.

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