STEVE DILLON Memorial Beer Brewed In His Honor By Long-Time Collaborator

Steve Dillon
Credit: Steve Dillon (DC/Vertigo)

Colorist Matthew Hollingsworth recently homebrewed a beer in honor of his long-time collaborator (and friend), the late Steve Dillon. Named "Dillon," Hollingsworth shared it at a homebrew competition last weekend, and tweeted about it.

"The party had ~650 guests. The keg lasted maybe a half hour at most before it blew," Hollingsworth said. "When I walked up to pour the keg, there was a massive line of people already waiting in line for it and as I approache the tap a large cheer arose from the crowd."

Hollingsworth's Dillon homebrew was an Imperial Stout of 10.6% abv, which he let age for seven months.

"Steve would have liked the party. The beer would have been too strong for him but he would have politely have drunk a glass before switching back to Guinness. He would have gotten a kick out of people cheering for me and the beer with his name on it."

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