The Happy Prince
Credit: Yuko Shimizu
Credit: Bill Sienkiewicz

A Kickstarter fundraising drive is underway for a a series of high-quality prose novel reprints with new covers by comic artists such as Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, and Yuko Shimizu. With nearly double its original intended goal of $50,000, Beehive Books' Illustrated Classics project

"They call the late 19th century the golden age of illustration, but I'm constantly staggered by the number of geniuses working in the field right now," said Beehaive co-Publisher Maëlle Doliveux. "The chance to pair the best of the best with iconic literary works of the past is just too wonderful to pass up."

Sieenkewicz is doing H.G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau, Shimizu is doing The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, and Pope is doing The Willows by Algernon Blackwood.

"H.P. Lovecraft believed that The Willows was the greatest supernatural story in the history of English literature," said Pope. "It has a massive impact on 20th century fiction, and yet it's spent the last century floating in and out of print, and has never had an ambition, substantial edition like this. It was the very first thing I thought of when Josh came to me with this amazing project."

The three volumes are expected to be released in October 2018.

Credit: Paul Pope
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