Transformers: Till All Are One #12
Credit: IDW
Credit: IDW

Transformers: Till All Are One writer Mairghread Scott has announced that the title will end with July's #12, which will be followed by an annual at a later, unspecified date. In the announcement on her personal blog, Scott explained that IDW Publishing gave her the option to "shake things up" in the series to continue during the upcoming "First Strike" event, but that she opted to end the series before with the originally intended story.

Here's Scott's statement in full:

I should have written this a while ago, but I wanted to wait until after Issue #10 because it was such an important issue for me, a triumph of our series. And I think it truly is a triumph.  It’s difficult and uncomfortable and still very compelling. This is in big part thanks to Sara’s amazing art and Joana’s amazing colors. So now I’ll say it. We’re cancelled.
What happened? Nothing.
We were asked if we wanted to do something to shake things up (shift focus, shift cast, shift story) after the "First Strike" event, which is also normal, but I didn’t. I love Transformers, but I’ve been writing it for literally years and I wanted to tell this story. So rather than think of a new story I didn’t love as much, I just chose to end us here.
Till All Are One will go to Issue 12 and then an annual will be put out late 2017/early 2018  to wrap up any loose threads. A thousand thanks to our editor, Carlos, for giving us that much-needed space. A thousand thanks to Sara and Joana and Priscilla and Tom and John and Meg and Jason and all the people I know I’m forgetting and shouldn’t.
Issue 11 and 12 are going to be awesome by the way. I think we crafted a really satisfying, positive ending emotionally and the annual puts that needed cherry on top. We did something I never thought I’d be able to pull off that I’ll talk about more when it’s released.
Transformers: Till All Are One #12 is due for release on July 19.
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